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Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. is of counsel to the firm. Professor Hazard is Trustee Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas E. Miller Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of California Hastings College of Law. He is director emeritus of the American Law Institute. He is among the foremost authorities on legal ethics and civil procedure.

His treatise, Civil Procedure, (5th Ed. 2001, with Fleming James, Jr. and John Leubsdorf) is a mainstay of American legal education. He continues to write prodigiously including the ALI/UNIDROIT Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, which upon approval by the sponsoring organizations has become a model of civil procedure for international commercial disputes; a treatise; and many articles, particularly on joinder, including class actions, and discovery. In professional ethics, his new book, Legal Ethics: A Comparative Study (with Angelo Dondi) compares ethics in the legal professions of modern industrialized countries. He is also a principal author of a casebook. He often acts as an expert witness in both fields.

Professor Hazard brought many of these areas of expertise together in his work with members of the firm in In re Automotive Refinishing Paint Antitrust Litigation, 358 F.3d 288 (3d Cir. 2004), which he argued before the Third Circuit. The case established the scope of jurisdiction over a foreign corporation under the American Antitrust laws. It also defined the relationship of the American discovery rules set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Hague Convention which relates to discovery in international disputes.

Professor Hazard has received tremendous recognition for his work, including numerous professional awards (American Bar Foundation Research Award [1985] and William Keck Foundation Award [1997], Columbia University School of Law Association Medal for Excellence [1999], American Judicature Society, Outstanding Contributions to Promoting Effective Administration of Justice [1999], the ceremony of Salute, Superior Court of Pennsylvania [1999] and the International Insolvency Institute Gold Award [2004]) as well as seven honorary degrees.

Representative Professional Positions
Penn Law - Trustee Professor of Law (1994 - )
Yale - Professor of Law (1971-94); Sterling Professor of Law Emeritus (1994 - ); Deputy Dean, Yale School of Organization and Management (1981-82); Acting Dean (1980-81) Associate Dean (1979-80)
University of Chicago - Professor of Law (1964-71)
University of California, Berkeley - Professor of Law (1961-64); Associate Professor (1958-61)
Visiting Professor - University of Michigan; Université d'Aix-Marseille; Harvard; University of Arizona
Associazione Italiana fra gli Studiosi del Processo Civile - Member (1998 - )

Recent and Forthcoming Publications
ALI/Unidroit Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure (2005)
Legal Ethics: A Comparative Study (with Angelo Dondi, Stanford Univ. Press 2004)
The Law of Lawyering (with William Hodes; 4th Ed. 2003)

Representative Publications & Professional Activities
American Civil Procedure: An Introduction (with Michele Taruffo, Yale Univ. Press 1993)
Board Games: The Changing Shape of Corporate Power (with Arthur Fleisher and Miriam Klipper, Little, Brown & Co. 1988)
How Far May a Lawyer Go in Assisting a Client in Unlawful Conduct, 35 U. Miami L. Rev. 669 (1981)
An Historical Analysis of the Binding Effect of Class Suits, 146 U. PA. L. REV. 1849 (with John Geded and Stephen Sowle, 1998)
Member of the Council, American Law Institute; Director (1984-99)
Member of the Board of Directors, U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society
Consultant, Standing Committee on Practice and Procedure, Judicial Conference of the United States
Member of the Board, Friends of the Supreme Court of Israel


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