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Mary Catherine Roper Quoted on SCOTUS Ruling

Jul 18, 2023

Mary Catherine Roper has been quoted in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star for their coverage of the urgency of LGBTQ+ rights in Pennsylvania in the wake of the 6-3 SCOTUS ruling that freedom of expression trumps a state’s anti-discrimination laws.

In its 6-3 ruling handed down on June 30, the court found that Colorado could not compel the owner of a graphic design business, 303 Creative, to make a website for a man who she said contacted her seeking design work for his and his male partner’s upcoming wedding. 

The designer argued that because her work was “expressive,” “artistic,” and “customized,” it was protected by the First Amendment and the state could not require her to provide services for a wedding she ideologically opposed.

Peter Hall and Cassie Miller, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

The SCOTUS ruling has raised civil rights concerns and its focus on First Amendment rights can and will have complex and lasting impact on existing anti-discrimination and non-discrimination laws. This has created an urgency to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Mary Catherine Roper was quoted, “At the moment, just on the face of that case, it does not create broad exemptions from non-discrimination laws. If I want you to cater my marriage to another woman, it doesn’t necessarily get you out of that. But people are going to try.”

Read the coverage article here.